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Healthy Habits for Aging Well

Hello, friends!

It's probably not surprising that I spend a lot of my time thinking about how we grow, develop, and heal, and also about the reverse -- how we can slip into decline, disease, and poor health habits. As you know, I speak with you frequently about some of the pillars of health: rich nights of sleep, bright varieties of vegetables and proteins in your diet, a robust social support system, sufficient exercise, and coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.

The Guardian recently published a delightful article titled "25 ways to live well into old age." Take a look and see whether there are some things you can easily incorporate into your life. One of my favorites is the recommendation to walk a dog, because "a study of more than 3 million Swedes aged 40 to 80 found that dog owners had a lower risk of death due to all causes." Are you intrigued?

And for those of you who are parents, it is never too early to begin raising your children with healthy habits in mind. How do you encourage your children to enjoy a variety of foods? To wind down appropriately before bed to encourage deep and plentiful sleep? To find ways to decrease stress and increase a sense of security and emotional well-being?

For additional support, remember that acupuncture is known for relaxing the nervous system by causing a release of endorphins; lowering blood pressure; and offering a period of reflection to encourage a commitment to healthy habits. 

If you have questions about how acupuncture can support you and your loved ones in continued health, please give me a call.

With love and in community,

Pediatric Health Care

Hello, friends!

I'm thrilled to let you know that my practice is open to family members of all ages. Pediatric acupressure and herbal medicine are a natural, effective way to address babies' and children's diseases and pains, and maintain proper health.

Why would you bring a child in for pediatric care? You may be interested in:

  • Seeking preventive care to maintain wellness;

  • Increasing immunity against colds, flus, and infections;

  • Relieving aches and pains;

  • Improving digestion to address constipation, colic, chronic indigestion, and more; and

  • Balancing difficult emotions including stress, anxiety, ADHD, night terrors, and difficult transitions.

This treatment is pain-free, and many children love the massage-like sensation. Acupuncture needles are optional.

Treatments are only 30 minutes long. Do you have more questions? Find out more below, and stay tuned for my next several updates with additional information.

With love, 

Organic, Adaptogenic Herbal Lattes Now Available

Hi, friends!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the opportunity to provide gifts to myself -- time to read, relax, and do jigsaw puzzles; visualization of dreams for the next year; nesting with loved ones; and pampering myself with warm, nourishing food. This is the time of year when I'm best able to slow down and nurture myself.

This is why I'm EXTRA excited to let you know that I'm now stocking Radiance Adaptogen's delicious herbal lattes in the clinic. I make myself prescription herbal teas all the time, but these are just divine -- rich, indulgent, well balanced, and full of organic healing herbs. You can learn more about this local, woman-owned company and their herbal lattes here. I deeply believe in their products and their mission, and I'm excited to bring them to you.

Energy Blend

This is one of my favorites, since I tend towards fatigue. It's packed with ginseng, probiotics, and some cacao and chicory -- delicious and invigorating!

Immunity Blend

Currently much in demand, this blend uses astragalus (one of Chinese medicine's main immune-boosting herbs), ginger, and reishi, among other herbs, to strengthen the lungs and the immune system.

These scrumptious lattes are $4 per packet or $15 for a four-pack (you can try one each of their immunity, energy, beauty, and rest blends, or get four of one of your favorites). 

I'll have them available for purchase in the clinic throughout the holiday season, for you to enjoy or as gifts for your friends and family.

Wishing you all good health, and with love,

Controlling anxiety with acupuncture

Hi friends,

Some of you know that one of the most gratifying aspects of my work is helping people to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. I love this article from Psychology Today that describes how acupuncture can sedate stressed-out nervous systems and lessen anxiety. Furthermore, the doctor highlights that "some studies included in the review reported that acupuncture enhances response to prescription anti-anxiety medications and may also reduce medication side effects."

Several of my patients are seeking help because they're feeling crushed by the stress of their jobs, housing prices, caring for family, and politics. Life in the Bay Area is not simple, and it's easy to spin into a pattern of anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and insomnia.

The good news is that acupuncture (along with Chinese herbs) can help you regain the strength, confidence, and optimism you need to regain control of your life. My patients report back to me that they are less irritable while driving, less frequently responding negatively to coworkers and family members, more in control of their daily moods and activities, and more able to seek play and pleasure after acupuncture.

Would you like that too? Call me for a consultation or come in for an appointment. I look forward helping you.

With love, and in community,