Come Give a Little, and Get Some in Return

Hi, friends!

It's giving season, and the wonderful staff at Golden State Fitness & Performance in Montclair are hosting their annual turkey drive on Saturday, November 3rd. While I'm there delivering a turkey, I'll be offering 15-minute cupping sessions from 9am-12pm. See below for details! Find us at the GSFP gym: 2011 Mountain Blvd, Oakland CA 94611.

From 8am to 12pm on Saturday November 3rd, you can bring a turkey to this fabulous, community-focused gym in Montclair. Dave Bolduc and his team will be collecting and donating the turkeys to the Alameda County Community Food Bank. ACCFB will distribute the turkeys to 240 agencies to make sure our community gets a warm meal on Thanksgiving. 

Dave and his team truly appreciate your generous donation and are offering benefits in return! New clients who bring a frozen turkey will receive a one-week gym pass including 2 semi-private training sessions and access to group classes and the gym. Their trainers are excellent -- this opportunity is too good to pass up!

Are you struggling with tight and aching muscles, or seeking a faster post-workout recovery? Cupping can help by loosening muscles and encouraging blood flow through the tissues.

Come join me for a cupping session on Saturday, November 3rd, between 9am-12pm. Sign up for a 15-minute, donation-based session at the GSFP front desk.

I look forward to helping release the tension from your neck and shoulders, upper arms, and/or lower legs. 

*Bruising is a common side effect of cupping -- but your resulting relief will be well worth it!

I look forward to seeing you there! With love and in community,