Are you seeking relief from pain, illness, fatigue, or emotional imbalance?

I provide acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, and moxibustion, along with compassionate connection, to support your transformation back to health.

How will acupuncture and herbal medicine help?

Acupuncture and herbs enable the body to return to its intended balance. This medicine provides adjustments that help the body to heal itself.

Chinese medicine recognizes that each person is unique. No two acupuncture treatments or herbal formulas are the same -- they are customized to your body, emotional state, and lifestyle.

Our work begins with treatments to reduce pain, address diseases, and support your emotions. Once your more intense conditions subside, we can fine-tune your health and lifestyle to create a robust and resilient you!


"Janet embodies a loving, nurturing spirit. If you want to feel like you can sink into a warm, loving hug, I highly recommend Janet."

"Her demeanor is so caring and warm, it's easy to relax and be honest about what's going on. She took a great deal of time to listen and get an in-depth understanding of my various complaints and I felt she really understood my issues."

"Janet is BEYOND gifted. Woah! I cannot rave enough about how caring and wonderful she is. She is 8th acupuncturist and the last one! She cares deeply, asks questions every session and then provides exactly what my body needs. She's truly brilliant and her energy is also really powerful and grounding."

"Janet is a life changer! Couple her warm smiling personality with her acupuncture & herbal medicine mastery and you've got a golden trifecta of warm light that leaves you glowing until your next session. She's relatable, authentic and truly cares about her patients.

For appointments, use the Book Now button or reach me at or 415.854.3463.