Acupressure and herbal medicine provide safe and natural relief from common infant and child health concerns.

Acupuncture needles are optional for this pain-free, effective care.

Are you ready to stop worrying about your child’s health?


How does acupressure help?

  • Provides preventive care with well-child visits;

  • Addresses aches and pains, including growing pains;

  • Helps children avoid chronic infections, including repeated ear infections, by boosting immunity;

  • Provides relief from colds and flus;

  • Enables improved digestion, addressing constipation, food allergies, colic, and other poor digestion;

  • Addresses emotional issues including stress, anxiety, night terrors, ADD/ADHD, and autism support; and

  • Helps to resolve other childhood imbalances.

What are the benefits?

  • You can feel secure in knowing that your baby or child is receiving safe and effective health care without side effects.

  • After having experienced a healing session, most children are actually excited to come to their return visits!

  • You’ll receive education about how you can help provide care to your child to sustain the benefits of the treatments.

  • You’ll have a variety of health options for you and your child to choose from, including follow-up visits, herbal medicine, and care tips you can use at home.

  • You’ll have access to referrals to other excellent local pediatric practitioners who can also support your child’s care.

  • You’ll feel the relief of seeing your child’s health improve and you’ll be able to trust in your child’s ability to weather any future health disruptions.



Will it be pain-free?

Yes! Many children enjoy the massage-like treatment which includes acupressure as well as skin rubbing over parts of the arms, legs, and back. If needed, I may also provide moxibustion, acupuncture with hair-thin needles, gua sha, and/or herbal therapy. My approach is to work within your child’s comfort range; I will not use needles if your child is not comfortable with the approach.

I provide a Japanese treatment style known as Shonishin, focused on non-insertion acupuncture for kids.


“When can we do that again?” - Morris, age 4

“That was awesome!” - Grace, age 10

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