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Spring Renewal Teas Now Available

Hello, friends!

The Bay Area saw a glorious transition to spring last week -- we're now shedding our heavy coats, hiding our umbrellas, and stepping out after work to greet the sun while it's still up. Spring is a wonderful time to focus anew on projects, goals, and relationships; eat lighter food; start moving more; and increase self-massage to bring our slumbering bodies back to life.

The seasonal transition can also bring imbalances, and children can be especially sensitive. The change in weather can tip our bodies into anger, frustration, and irritability. We may get allergies, headaches, eye disorders, premenstrual symptoms, and increased stress. If any of these seasonal complaints are bothering you or your children, give me a ring and we can get everything back to balance.

To support you during the spring season, I've created a new herbal tea blend that I'm super-excited about! These herbs focus on calming the nervous system, enabling clear focus, and providing the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your springtime activities. The blend has a base of the most divine tulsi leaves I've found, along with mint, sage, nettle, lemon rind, and buddha's hand. Mint is calming and soothing, sage supports digestion, nettle is full of vitamins and minerals, and citrus helps to support the nervous system and liver function. I'll be serving this smooth and balanced tea in the clinic throughout the season. Large tins are available for sale for $12.

If I haven't seen you in a while, drop me a note to let me know how spring is treating you. Enjoy the sun and the fresh energy!

Organic, Adaptogenic Herbal Lattes Now Available

Hi, friends!

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the opportunity to provide gifts to myself -- time to read, relax, and do jigsaw puzzles; visualization of dreams for the next year; nesting with loved ones; and pampering myself with warm, nourishing food. This is the time of year when I'm best able to slow down and nurture myself.

This is why I'm EXTRA excited to let you know that I'm now stocking Radiance Adaptogen's delicious herbal lattes in the clinic. I make myself prescription herbal teas all the time, but these are just divine -- rich, indulgent, well balanced, and full of organic healing herbs. You can learn more about this local, woman-owned company and their herbal lattes here. I deeply believe in their products and their mission, and I'm excited to bring them to you.

Energy Blend

This is one of my favorites, since I tend towards fatigue. It's packed with ginseng, probiotics, and some cacao and chicory -- delicious and invigorating!

Immunity Blend

Currently much in demand, this blend uses astragalus (one of Chinese medicine's main immune-boosting herbs), ginger, and reishi, among other herbs, to strengthen the lungs and the immune system.

These scrumptious lattes are $4 per packet or $15 for a four-pack (you can try one each of their immunity, energy, beauty, and rest blends, or get four of one of your favorites). 

I'll have them available for purchase in the clinic throughout the holiday season, for you to enjoy or as gifts for your friends and family.

Wishing you all good health, and with love,